Shipping Now. The Q4 database is now available!

If you're looking to have an edge, you need information.  Our seasonal database shows you important seasonal trends you can exploit to boost your win percentage and up your returns.  Since 2007, the best seasonal performers have outpaced the SP500 by an average 200 bps per quarter.  Order your database today and stay ahead of the curve.

Our seasonality database for the final quarter is just about ready to ship.  If you need to know what the best and worst stocks are for the final months of the year, there's still time to order your copy of Q4 Seasonality Database.  The fully functioning excel spreadsheet is packed with data on over 1,500 stocks, 300 ADRs and the most actively traded market, sector and industry ETFs.   I'm willing to bet your time is worth far more than the $3.99 a month we charge for this valuable resource.  Order today, and we'll send you the Q4 database as soon as it's ready for less than one visit to Starbucks.

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