Q4 is Coming Fast! Are you ready?

I can't believe how fast fall is approaching.  In the Northeast we're already starting to see the early signs of changing colors.  Vibrant reds and golds on the horizon mean we're only a few short weeks away from the start of Q4 -- the historically strongest period for owning stocks.

Our seasonality database for the final quarter is just about ready to ship.  If you need to know what the best and worst stocks are for the final months of the year, there's still time to order your copy of Q4 Seasonality Database.  The fully functioning excel spreadsheet is packed with data on over 1,500 stocks, 300 ADRs and the most actively traded market, sector and industry ETFs.   I'm willing to bet your time is worth far more than the $3.99 a month we charge for this valuable resource.  Order today, and we'll send you the Q4 database as soon as it's ready for less than one visit to Starbucks.

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