It's Here! The Seasonality Guide to Beating the Markets.

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Our Q3 Seasonality Guide provides you with a road map for excess performance. Used by some of the largest mutual and hedge funds across the country for years, we've developed this seasonality database specifically for individual investors. And, we're offering it at a special price for a limited time!

Investors will learn the seasonality trends of 1500+ widely traded, institutional quality stocks in easy to use excel spreadsheets.

You will receive an excel database showing the seasonal price history for the most heavily traded stocks!

1500 Stocks with Seasonality over the Past 5 and 10 Years.

 New! ETF seasonality provides sector seasonality plays.

 Over 300 ADR's.

 Improved! Separate worksheet pages for ETF's, ADR's, Large Cap, Mid Cap and Small Cap.

If you position trade equities, you need to consider seasonality. Seasonality helps you define your entry and control your risk. With our Seasonality Guides, you'll know which stocks are likely to rise and fall over the coming 3 months.

 Know when not just what you should be trading this quarter.

Sort-friendly excel spreadsheets provide you with flexibility. Sort by sector, industry or returns.

Fully functioning excel allows you to find your stocks and consider your risk and reward!

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             Color coded seasonality: Easily and quickly see winners and losers

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How long would it take you to compile seasonality on 1,500 stocks, 300 ADRs and 50 ETFs?

I'm willing to bet the countless hours of your time is worth more than $9.99! We do the work and you get more time to spend doing the things you enjoy. I'm sure you'll find great ideas but more importantly, you'll improve your win rate, lower your losses and gain a valuable edge over other investors.

Why should you buy our Q3 Seasonality Guide? First, its a great price! Only $9.99 for seasonality on 1500 stocks, 300+ ADRs, 50 ETFs, all color coded and sortable, delivered to your email inbox. This is likely less than you spend on coffee each week and probably less than you spend on gas for one day of your commute to work!

But, if that's not reason enough..consider:

                  Since Q4 2005, using our calendar quarter seasonality large cap picks produced an average quarterly return of 2.97%, more than 1.25% better than the S&P 500 index every quarter. What do those kind of returns mean for your portfolio? A hypothetical $10,000 would be worth almost $19,149 through Q1 2012 - 40% more than the same investment in the S&P 500 Index ETF, symbol SPY!

What makes those returns more amazing is it relies solely on seasonality alone. Seasonality as a standalone investment strategy beats the S&P 500. Just imagine how it could add value to your own investment approach. At only $9.99, isn't it worth seeing how much more money you could be making by knowing WHEN to buy, not just WHAT to buy?

But, why trust us? Because we've been helping the biggest mutual and hedge fund managers in the country beat their benchmark since 2003!

And, now we're offering this valuable piece of our research to individual investors like you for pennies a day. Subscribe Today and see for yourself what Seasonality can do for you. I'm that confident you'll find hundreds, if not thousands, of dollars worth of ideas with our Seasonality Guides.